Kratky Hydroponic Grow Kit (20Ltr)


Ready to use 20 Litre Kratky Hydroponic Grow Kit with all accessories

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The Afterburn Grow Kratky Hydroponic Grow Kit is a non-circulating, non-aerated deep water of direct water culture method of hydroponic growing. The plant roots are suspended directly into the nutrient solution. The principal is the same as DWC (Deep Water Culture) but instead of aerating the nutrient solution, part of the root system is exposed to the air allowing it to breathe and to absorb oxygen. This is one of the simplest hydroponic growing methods.

Each 20 Litre Kratky Hydroponic Grow Kit comes complete with everything required to set up start and grow hydroponically, including, kratky grow bucket, net pot, leca, three-part hydroponic nutrients, syringe, and instruction manual.

Weight 1.300 kg
Dimensions 35 × 34 × 34 mm