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Established in 2014, Afterburn Grow is a locally owned company based in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa. Specialising in Chillies, Seeds, plants and plant grow systems, our main speciality being mostly in Exotic Chillies. We can say without a doubt that all our thumbs are green and we are here to help yours stay green too.  Not only do we sell the products but our amazing team are here to assist with various services from system installations to custom built greenhouses and grow boxes. You need it we got it. 

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At Afterburn Grow we are about various hydroponic and water saving plant grow systems, seeds, seedlings, plants, and a wide range of grow accessories. We design and manufacture a wide range of products to suit your needs. We grow and supply a variety of Exotic Chillies/Peppers, various seasonal vegetables and herbs. We believe that in our day and age we need to pay more attention to how we grow our plantations, crops, veggies and all other plants. We are here to help ensure quality and healthy plants and produce.

Growing yourself helps you eliminate the question of where does it come from and what is in it? Our founders Danie and Paula have put in many hours of time and research to ensure that all our products are of excellent standard. We ensure quality organic plants and grow systems. One of our key focus areas is water saving and hassle free growing methods. At Afterburn Grown we strive to make it easier to grow your own plants, veggies, chillies in the comfort of your own home without taking up too much space, time, energy and water.

Our Team

Meet our friendly team, Our team is vibrant and fun and always there to make your experience with us a great and memorable one. Here at Afterburn Grow we are not just staff and employees, we are a Family.

Letitia Erasmus

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