Products and Services.

Our Product Collection...

Browse our wide range of products from seeds to seedlings through to our amazing plant grown systems. You need it we got it.. Not only do we supply we grow too… not sure what you are looking for? No problem we are here to help. Contact us for more information on our products. 

** Note that all our plants are open pollinated and non-isolated and though there is a low likelihood of cross-pollination, this can still occur.

*** Plants from early filial generation seeds of plants that were cross pollinated should be considered unstable, and results may vary between the colours of the plants and pods produced within the parent plant ranges.

Seed Collection

We stock and supply a wide range of organic Chilli, vegetable and herbs seeds. Specializing in Exotic Chillies and peppers.

Seedlings and Plants

We grow and germinate various types organic Chillies, Vegetables and Herbs. Browse our various range of seedlings and plants. Contact us for availability.

Growing Kits

Browse through our range of plant growing kits. We have various kits available to get you growing. Starter Kits for the whole family.

Chilli Products

With our Speciality being in exotic chillies and peppers. We create various Chilli products from Sweets to Treats. Please contact us to find out more.

Hydroponics Systems

We design and manufacture a variety of Hydroponic growing systems. from nutrient film techniques to aerated/ non-aerated deep water culture systems. You name it we can make it. Custom built to suit your needs.

Self-Watering Systems

These systems are our newest and greatest creation. with these systems there is no water wastage. A reservoir is filled with water and the plant is watered from the bottom by means of a wicking system. 

Grow Bags

Fabric Plant growbags available in various sizes. With these versatile plant grow bags, you can make growing easier, there are many ways in which they can be used. and they look pretty too. 

Grow Mediums/Nutrition

We stock and supply various plant foods, nutrients as well as a variety of plant grow mediums. Our plant nutrients consist of a two part plant food and is specifically formulated for optimal plant growth.

Grow Boxes, Tunnels and Greenhouses

We design and manufacture various grow boxes, tunnels and greenhouse of excellent quality to help your babies grow. Customised to suit your specific needs

Grow Lights and Lighting (LED)

We supply purpose built plant grow lights which are specially designed for horticulture. Our lights can be custom made to suit your specific needs. All lights are made to order. (2-4 Weeks)

Accessories and Miscellaneous

Look no further you need it we got. We stock various plant growing accessories, ranging from pots to heating mats to cute garden ornaments. Shop our collection now. 

Gifting and Novelty for all Those Special Occations

Various gifting and vouchers available. From Corporate to Birthdays and Special events. Contact us to find out more about our gifting packages. Lets make someone feel special.

Our Services...

Here at Afterburn Grow, Nature is our passion, we do not just supply, we build and grow too. From various custom built plant grow systems to seed germination. Our team is here to help. You name it we can do it. Contact us for more information on our services. Lets save you time and money.

Custom Greenhouses and Tunnels

We design and construct various greenhouses and grow tunnels. Our greenhouses are constructed with mild steel and quick connectors, making it easy for DIY enthusiasts. Greenhouses are supplied in Kit form or we can install for you. Contact us for more info and pricing.

Custom Built Plant Grow Boxes

We build and design custom built plant grow boxes. Ideal for seed germination and nursing seedlings for transplant. Our grow boxes are suited to accommodate most plant grow systems. As well as carry most vegetables and pepper plants to their maturity. Contact us for more info.

Seed Germination/Grow Services

We germinate and grow a wide range of plants. Please contact us for our availability. Note that plants grown to order and stocks are limited. If varieties are not in stock turn around time for these services is around  8-12 weeks depending of the type of plant, as well as the season.

Custom Built NFT / Hydroponic Systems

Our creativity is not limited to the current plant growing systems. If you are looking for a specific size or make of hydroponics, not to sweat, we at Afterburn can custom build various hydroponic system to suit your individual needs. get in touch with us for more info on our services.

Not sure what you are looking for?

Not to worry, that’s why we are here. contact us and let us help you find what you need.