NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) Hydroponic Systems

Various Systems and sizes available.

Please contact us for information on the sizes available as well as pricing.


NFT stands for Nutrient Film Technique – it is basically what the name implies.

It is a thin film of water – nutrient enriched water that flows directly past the roots of the plant. This allows the roots direct access to the nutrients needed for growth and development. The nutrient enriched water is circulated by means of a pump and is pumped into the channels housing the plants. The flow rate is very important because to fast and the plant roots cannot absorb sufficient nutrients and too slow can cause pooling and this in turn can damage the roots. A stableĀ  PH and temperature is equally important.

The nutrientĀ  solution is also aerated to optimise proper oxygen levels which aids the nutrient uptake.

Afterburn NFT systems come with everything you need to set up and run the system, including the aeration equipment, netcups, rockwool, leca, nutrients as well as the instructions.