Germination (Seed Starter) Kit – Soil 24


All Germination (Seed Starter) Kits come complete with everything you need to germinate your seeds and raise your little seedlings in the first stages of their growth

“Includes a Free Seed Package”

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Afterburn Grow Germination (Seed Starter) Kits are designed to provide you with everything you need, from equipment, grow mediums and plant nutrition to our easy to follow and handy “Seed Germination and Seedling Care Guide” for using this growing kit, starting your new seeds and growing them into thriving plants and food for your home.

There are four types of Germination (Seed Starter) Kits available, namely:

  • Soil (the standard germination method for most people with seedling trays and our special germination medium)
  • Jiffy (an easy to use “jiffy” plug method which replaces the germination medium with jiffy plugs)
  • Hydroponic (the hydroponic method of starting your seeds and seedlings)
  • Combo (provides a combination of all three grow methods above – popular with those who want to experiment or compare grow methods)

Each kit contains your germination chamber, heating device, germination medium and containers, seed priming solution and equipment, plant nutrition, and other necessary equipment as well as a “FREE seed package”.