Aji Charapita


Species: Capsicum Frutescens

SHU (Scoville Heat Rating): 30 000 – 50 000

Flavour: Bright, fruity taste with unique citrus

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The Aji Charapita chilli peppers are very small, averaging 5-8 millimetres in diameter, and have a round to ovate shape with a slender, straight green stem protruding from the pod. The petite peppers have thin, glossy, and smooth skin, transforming from green to yellow when mature. Underneath the skin, the flesh is yellow, firm, and crisp, encasing a cluster of tiny, cream-colored seeds. Aji Charapita chilli peppers have a bright, fruity taste with unique citrus flavours that are followed by a moderate to hot level of spice that gradually builds in intensity.

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Dimensions 75 × 120 × 5 mm

Small Seed Pack (10 seeds minimum), Medium Seed Pack (25 seeds minimum)