7Pot Jonah


Species: Capsicum Chinense

SHU (Scoville Heat Rating): 800 000 – 1 200 000

Flavour: Fruity and sweet

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The 7 Pot Jonah is a larger plant that produces larger and rounder Trinidad 7 Pot strain pods, with a fruitier flavour than the standard 7 Pot and slightly higher heat. 7 Pot Jonah can get larger than a golf ball and weigh up to a half ounce. The peppers mature from light green to red. Surface of pods are pimply and lumpy with some even growing little Scorpion tails. Still, this is significant spiciness – compared to our jalapeño reference point, it’s 100 to 480 times hotter than a typical Jalapeno. It’s not a chili for everyone, and if you do dabble in the extreme end of the pepper scale, wear gloves and kitchen goggles when handling this or any super-hot chili.

Small Seed Pack (10 seeds minimum), Medium Seed Pack (25 seeds minimum)