Aji Norteno


Species: Capsicum Baccatum

SHU (Scoville Rating): 30 000 – 50 000

Flavour: Fruity and sweet

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The Aji Norteno is from Peru. The name Aji Norteno means “Northern Aji”. It got this name, because it’s very popular in the northern coastal valleys of Peru. The plant grows to over 2 metre in a pot and imagine how big it will be, if you plant it in the ground. It’s an amazing producer of 3 to 4 inch long pendant pods. The pods are fairly thin walled and mature from yellow to red and also orange. People from Northern pledge that the Aji Norteno has a “better northern taste.” Commonly eaten fresh with seafood, but it would be great in salads and if you aren’t into insane heat, this would be a great choice. With a slightly sweet fruity flavour resembling green apples without the bitterness.

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Dimensions 75 × 120 × 5 mm

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