Self-Watering Wicking Double 5 Bucket Combo – Blue


The Self-watering double bucket wicking system works by filling a reservoir from which the plant is in, the plant is watered from the bottom of the rootzone by means of a wicking action. The other advantage of this system is there is no water wastage and there is no loss of nutrients by way of leaching.

The system is made up of two buckets that fit into each other leaving a space between the two bottoms. This space is then filled with water via a filled tube that fits through the inner bucket into the outer bucket. The inner bucket is fitted with a net-cup that produces into the space between the two buckets. this results in the net-cup being permanently submerged in the water and wicks the water up to the plant rootzone by means of capillary action.

Set of 5 x 20l Blue self watering double bucket system.