Aji Mango Stumpy


Species: Capsicum Baccatum

SHU (Scoville Heat Rating): 20 000 – 30 000

Flavour: Sweet and fruity with a hint of mango

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Aji Mango Stumpy is of an unknown origin. But said to be Created by the pepperlover crew. A stunning and vibrant plant full of orange pods. They grow well in a pot to around 1.5 meter in height and are productive producers. The pods tend to dangle so stalks/support is suggested .The pods mature from a light green to a warm orange/deep yellow when mature. A great chilli to use in cooking, chilli powder, jams and sauces. Definitely a plant to have in your collection.





Small Seed Pack (10 seeds minimum), Medium Seed Pack (25 seeds minimum)