Hydroponic 3-Part Nutrient Solution (15litre Concentrate)


Makes 3x 5 litre Concentrates

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Makes 3x 5 litre Concentrates

This Hydroponic 3-Part Nutrient is a Group 1 fertilizer mix for cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, leafy and flower crops and contain all the elements needed for plant growth from seed germination through to the flowering and fruiting stages. It is also suitable for soil-based application. These have been pre-measured to give you five litres of each of the three concentrates, namely:

• “Hydroponic”
• “Calcium Nitrate”
• “Potassium Sulphate”

Nutrient compositions are as follows:

Hydroponic: (N =64g/Kg) (P=43g/Kg) (K=238gg/Kg) (Mg=26g/Kg) (S=56g/Kg) (Fe =1.68g/Kg) (Mn= 0.4g/Kg) (B=0.5g/Kg) (Zn=0.2g/Kg) (Cu=0.03g/Kg) (Mo=0.05g/Kg)

Calcium Nitrate: (N =155g/Kg) (Ca=190g/Kg)

Potassium Sulphate: (K =415g/Kg) (S=170g/Kg)

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