Aji Fantasy White


Species: Capsicum Baccatum

SHU (Scoville Heat Rating): 5 000 – 10 000

Flavour: Sweet and tangy with a fruity taste

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Aji White Fantasy chili peppers are small and kinda wrinkled, the pods grow to about 7 to 9 centimetres in length. the pods mature from a light green to a pale white in colour,  and are typically harvested at this stage. At full maturity the pods transform to a pale-yellow. Underneath the creased skin, the thick-walled flesh is pale yellow to white, encasing a central cavity filled with white membranes and tiny, light brown seeds. Aji White Fantasy chili peppers offer a crisp and juicy texture and have a sweet and tangy, fruity taste with heat that is mild but noticeable.




Small Seed Pack (10 seeds minimum), Medium Seed Pack (25 seeds minimum)